We organize supply chain programs for Construction Companies.

We supply the goods and services required for your construction projects abroad and deliver them on time. With the supply organizations we organize, we can save 7-20% on your project costs.
We have met the demand of many products used in construction projects and we continue to meet new demands.
We can list our main supply products in the building products group as follows.
Architectural Glasses, aluminum profiles and accessories, pvc profile systems and accessories, floor and wall tiles, sanitary wares, bathroom and kitchen cabinets, shower cabins, jacuzzis, small pools, bathtubs, batteries, lamine and laminate flooring, antibacterial floor coverings, electrical installation elements, interior and outdoor lighting elements, roof and facade systems elements, rain gutters, drainage systems, scaffolding and formwork systems, window systems, steel doors, wooden and panel room doors, garage doors, fire doors, sliding doors, revolving doors, pool systems and elements, heating and cooling systems and elements, radiators, brulors ,  awnings, handrails, skylights, insulation panels, sandwich panels, elevators, We have met the demands of suspended ceiling systems, sunshade systems, generator systems, fire extinguishing systems, barrier systems, and we continue to meet new demands.

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