Furniture and Home Appliances from Turkey at advantageous prices..

Furniture and Home Appliances from Turkey at advantageous prices..

Thanks to the developing logistics and cargo options and our developing business relations with new manufacturers, we have produced solutions that can advantageously meet the furniture demands of our individual customers.
We share these advantages with you.

– Furniture and Household Items:
Our products include great designs, different quality options and advantageous prices.

– Furniture and Decoration group: Dining tables, Dining room sets, Consoles, Chairs, Armchairs, Sofas, Bergere, Sofa beds, Coffee tables, Mirrors, Wardrobes, TV Units, Bedroom Sets, Beds, Garden Furniture, Kitchen Furniture (with special size and design) , Bathroom Furniture, Desks, Functional Beds, Carpet, Roller Blinds, Kitchen Supplies..

– How We Do ?
We direct you to the appropriate links so that you can choose the products of the companies we work with on the internet, we complete the transactions suitable for international trade and transfer and ensure that they are delivered to you.

After the selection of your products, we determine the packaging costs suitable for the country of destination, we arrange the packing list information to calculate the cost of transportation. We determine the shipping alternatives, choose the suitable one for you.

If the price offered gives you an advantage in your purchase, and if it gives us the opportunity to make a meaningful profit, we turn your orders into a written offer (contract).

We complete the purchasing, packaging, shipping processes, preparation of customs documents, export operations, respectively, and we send your products to the address you specified. The import of the products can be completed through contracted shipping companies ,
Or you can complete the import processes with your own customs agent.

Furniture is usually packaged disassembled to take up less space .
Packages include assembly catalogs for easy installation.
Working with Mimosi as a foreign trade company allows you to buy the right goods under suitable conditions, by solving your language and communication difficulties, by providing advantages in purchasing processes in accordance with the country’s trade laws, benefiting from quantity economies, local transportation and international transportation.

It takes all the necessary measures within the workflow to ensure that your products are delivered to you error-free and undamaged. It provides the necessary organizations by negotiating with the enterprises and protects your rights. We inform you about the risks that may occur and take the necessary measures or ensure that you take them.

We do all our planning by considering energy saving, efficiency, low cost and maximum benefit. Kaizen and lean production are the methods that best describe our respect for nature and the environment.

Our goal is not just to sell. It is the benefit of the products we mediate for sale.
We always prefer to add more than we subtract.

We hope we can create an opportunity to work together.

Best Regards

You can buy luxury furniture in wonderful designs with Turkish prices . If you are a commercial enterprise or have a connection in Europe, the Middle East, America, Australia, Africa, Canada, we can deliver your orders to your address.

Please contact us for details.

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