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We can say that not all resources in the world are distributed equally.

Just as underground resources are not equal, the costs, qualities and qualities of products may differ from each other due to human resources, the way of using science and technology, efficiency and many other differences.

Access products that are not available in your country in the geography you live in by importing them.
Import is the process of purchasing goods or services from outside a country's customs borders and including them in the country's inventory.

Import is an important function

As it provides product diversity, encourages technological development and innovation, provides the opportunity to access products at lower prices, encourages economic growth, creates new job opportunities and encourages investments.

We create safe supply channels with our partners for products that need to be supplied from outside the country's borders. In addition to samples, cost analysis, follow-up of import processes, we import products from different countries and sectors.

We evaluate import practices in two ways.

Applications made for goods to be imported to Turkey,
Goods brought to Turkey and delivered in free zones or warehouses

We can list the stages of import as follows;

- Selection of suppliers abroad,
- Order and Contract
- Local and Manufacturer country customs clearance procedures
- International Shipping
- Local country customs procedures
- Delivery of the product to the Locations and Buyer


The documents required for import operations vary depending on the product type and service.

The main documents used are Invoice, Customs Declaration, Certificate of Origin, and Packing List.

Customs duties and other taxes must be paid for imported goods or services. These taxes vary depending on the type of good or service, country of origin and customs tariff.

We may or may not provide support for your requests, depending on the country and product to be imported. You can contact us for more details.

Working with a partner to source products from abroad provides you with secure purchasing processes, strong stock management, increased efficiency, continuity and cost advantages.

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Product and Cost analysis works

In this service item, supplier research in accordance with the technical details given for the requested product, price studies with manufacturers, sample studies, examination of logistics options, examination of import taxes, total price analysis studies are carried out.

Product import transactions

Product import operations include product cost analysis studies, as well as purchasing the product from abroad, shipping and importing.