We have been supplying the right products for GCS for nearly 20 years. Aluminum and PVC processing workshops, glass processing factory, woodworking workshops were established with the machines and...

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BWC Ltd. – White Sails Project

During the construction of the White Sails project, MIMOSI was among its suppliers. Here's how the project makers describe this complex. WHITE SAILS is a unique multifunctional complex consi...

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Bando Kayış

The work, which started with the supply demand of the V-Belt meter, resulted in the production of the V-Belt meter. The work, which started with the demand of our customer for product supply, w...

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PVT. Instrumed Ltd.

We have provided legal advice and support in foreign trade issues for Instrumed (PVT) Ltd. The company, which operates in Pakistan, reached an appropriate conclusion after five years of legal b...

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