Furniture and Housewares


Furniture and Housewares,

You can supply your Furniture and Housewares requests from Turkey at advantageous prices.

With the developing logistics and cargo options, we supply your furniture demands with advantageous costs.

“Mobilya ve ev eşyalarını” online olarak veya kataloglardan seçebilir, mağaza temsilcileriyle iletişime geçerek ürünleri yakından inceleyebilirsiniz. Böylece kalite ve tasarımdan emin olabilirsiniz.
Our Furniture manufacturers are  TSE quality certified enterprises.

In the furniture group, we are selling the following products.
Armchairs, Sofas and Armchairs, Sofa beds and Dinning tables, Dining room sets and Consoles, Chairs, Coffee Tables, Mirrors, Cabinets, TV Units, Bedroom Sets and Beds…
We also supply Garden Furniture, Kitchen Furniture (custom size and design), Bathroom Furniture, Desks, Functional Beds, Carpets, Roller Blinds and Kitchenware. (The furniture is packaged in disassembled form to take up less space. There are assembly guides in the packages for easy installation.)

After your orders are clarified, we deliver the products to the specified address by completing the stages of purchasing, packaging, shipping, and preparation of customs documents in order.

Working with Mimosi gives you the following advantages.
All your orders are supplied from a single point.
Your local costs are optimized.
Your products are packaged in such a way that they are not damaged.
The goods you order and the goods you receive are the same.
It manages your export operations.
It carries out all your operations at optimum cost.
You get the benefits of a local firm.

We observe the environment, energy saving and efficiency in all our organizations.

Our customers are institutions, vendors, construction companies, architects, individual users and internet shops.
We can deliver our furniture to Europe, Middle East, America, Australia, Africa, Canada.


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