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Export can be defined as the distribution and delivery stages of a product in order to deliver it to the buyer across the border.

In order to complete the export process, we can list the general headings and relevant laws as follows.

Before a good leaves the country, customs procedures are carried out to deduct it from the country's inventory (Foreign Trade Laws).
Sales or rental transactions are carried out for the transfer of financial rights. (Commercial Laws).
Transportation, storage and packaging works are carried out (International transportation rules),
Certifications are carried out for international circulation controls. (Chambers of commerce and testing laboratories)

Application of rules in export may vary from country to country.

Trade and transportation of some goods may be controlled or restricted due to trade agreements, or goods may move around easily due to customs agreements. Or some goods may be completely prohibited from being sold.
Türkiye is a member of the World Trade Organization and the Union of International Chambers of Commerce.

Export is carried out by carrying out many different tasks.
During export operations, we work with different professional groups.
Buyers, sellers, transporters (sea, air, land, railways), customs agencies, customs zones, free zones, warehouses, warehouses, exporters' associations, foreign exchange and banking services, incentives, accountants, tax offices, test and analysis laboratories, insurers. ..

We evaluate export transactions in two parts: Domestic and Foreign.

In domestic export transactions,

We carry out the work required to deliver the products of manufacturers in Turkey to their customers abroad.

These tasks can be listed as meeting with the customer, clarifying the order, making contracts, following the proper preparation of the goods, payments, transportation organizations, documentation, insurance, preparation of export documents, and follow-up of customs processes.

In export demands from abroad,
The customer who wants to buy the product, It has identified the manufacturer in Turkey, The goods need to be delivered to the desired location.

One of two options can be chosen: exporting the goods to be purchased from an identified manufacturer by the manufacturer, or purchasing the goods on behalf of the customer and exporting them by us.

In case of foreign export requests, banking, payment and accounting works, quality control of the goods, quantity and packaging checks, and after optimizing the transportation (partial loading for small loads or Full Truck, Container, Ship, Train and Aircraft transportation), freight, insurance, documentation works. After customs clearance, the export process is completed with the deportation of the goods.

International Rules in Export:
Foreign trade is determined by international rules. These rules are regulated by the ICC.
Incoterms; These are the rules regulated by ICC - International Chamber of Commerce, determining the distribution of responsibilities and costs between the parties during the transportation and delivery of goods.

Mimosi International conducts its business by observing ICC rules

Export with Mimosi

Optimize Your Cost

By combining demands, we achieve advantageous costs, energy savings and efficiency.




Correct Identification

Correct identification and documentation prevents unnecessary storage and waiting costs.


Doğru tanımlama ve belgeleme, gereksiz depolama ve bekleme maliyetlerini önler.


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It requires working together with different professional groups

Export is Team Work.

Buyers, sellers, transporters (sea, air, land, railways), customs agents, customs areas, free zones, exporters, associations, foreign exchange and banking services, incentives, public institutions, tax transactions, insurers, accountants…

If you do not have the necessary team to promote your products in international markets and deliver them to the appropriate buyers, MIMOSI can provide the export and marketing support you need.

You can benefit from our consultancy service to develop a sales and marketing strategy and to plan your foreign trade transactions.

Export is a multifunctional organization where different institutions, services and businesses come together.

Mimosi organizes the members of this organization working with different rules in order to achieve the targeted result of foreign trade transactions.