Export is an international trade method, in which many different functions come together and rules are determined by international agreements.

Although export is the business of delivering a good or service to customers abroad, making appropriate planning and choices is important for the continuation of sales and customer satisfaction.

Export operations are actually multiple packages.
It involves working with different professional groups such as buyers, sellers, shippers (sea, air, land, railways), customs agents, customs areas, free zones, exporters’ associations, foreign exchange and banking services, incentives, tax transactions, insurers, accountants.

This instrument provides options that allow you to sell to 8 billion people around the world, apart from your limited domestic customer portfolio.
To work with all these professional groups, you need training, experience and a crowded team,

Mimosi can provide you with the support you need regarding foreign trade.

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If you do not have the necessary team to promote your products in international markets and deliver them to the appropriate buyers, MIMOSI can provide the export and marketing support you need.

You can benefit from our consultancy service to develop a sales and marketing strategy and to plan your foreign trade transactions.

Export is a multifunctional organization where different institutions, services and businesses come together.

Within this organization, there are Customers, manufacturers, suppliers, banks, customs, customs agents, forwarders, warehouses, insurers, appraisals, consulting firms, control services and government agencies.

Mimosi organizes the members of this organization working with different rules in order to achieve the targeted result of foreign trade transactions.

In addition, Mimosi follows INCOTERMS, which has been implemented by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to standardize the terms used in international trade.