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We support companies or their products to operate in the international market, discover business opportunities, enter new markets and manage international trade activities.

Our foreign trade consultancy services:

  • Market research: In order to help companies obtain information about their target markets, we conduct studies on the size of the market, growth potential, competitive conditions and target customers.
  • Export planning: These are studies that help companies develop their export strategies, including which markets the products or services will be sold to, pricing, marketing and distribution plans.
  • Marketing strategies: It includes activities such as website and social media management, advertising and promotion to help companies promote their products or services in target markets.
  • Management consultancy: These are studies carried out for issues such as helping exporting companies manage their international trade activities more efficiently and effectively, optimizing operational processes, risk management and financial management.
  • Legal consultancy: It helps companies comply with legal regulations regarding international trade. These studies include issues such as customs legislation, import and export permits, and contracts.

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