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Building Materials Procurements

For over 20 years. We supply building materials for construction companies.

It is important to manage the procurement and supply processes well in order to reach the targets set in construction projects.
Products purchased with high costs, unsuitable goods, delayed delivery times, your losses from tax and customs procedures can significantly increase your costs.

For example, the sum of the purchasing cost + delayed goods shipments + non-conforming products + local costs and customs clearance costs can easily reach 8-10%. In a project worth 10 million USD, your loss may be around 0.8 million-1 million.

We increase your income by saving between 5-18% in your costs with the purchasing and supply organizations we organize.

We minimize your risks arising from procurement.

With 20 years of purchasing experience and the advantage of being a local company, we have developed strong and reliable supply sources. We support your business processes with competitive solutions by reaching the manufacturers with the desired quality and price.

We can define our advantages as follows:

Reliable Supply Sources: We keep up to date with the capacities, quality approaches and other qualities of the operating companies.

Purchasing discount advantages: Our purchase discounts are higher than for a new company due to the supply of goods demands we have been making for many years.

Shorter Delivery Times: Our delivery times may be shorter. Due to our good dialogues with our manufacturers, the supply times are made between the specified dates.

Logistics and Local Cost Advantages: We can develop more prices and options due to our frequent local and international transports, and we gain advantage in costs.

Quick Supply Solutions: Last minute mishaps and delays can cause great damage. We protect you from important damages by producing very fast solutions for urgent demands.

Our Supplied Building Materials:

Glass, aluminum profile, pvc profile, floor and wall tiles, sanitary ware, bathroom and kitchen cabinets, shower cabin, jacuzzi, bathtubs, batteries, laminate and laminate flooring, antibacterial floor coverings, electrical installation elements,

interior and exterior lighting elements, installation elements, roof and facade elements, rain gutters, drainage systems, scaffolding and formwork systems, window systems, steel doors, room doors, garage doors, fire doors, sliding doors, revolving doors, pool systems and its elements,

Heating and cooling systems and elements, awnings, pergolas, handrails, skylights, insulation panels, sandwich panels, elevators, suspended ceiling systems, sunshade systems, generator systems, fire extinguishing systems, barrier systems


As a result, by sharing the advantages we provide from all options with you, we both reduce your costs and enable you to concentrate on your business by making safe trade.


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